best calculator 2020

Best Office Calculators 2020

If you are searching for assistance in finishing necessary calculations, such as ringing up customers or finding the right tip, then you are at right place. Well, wouldn’t a calculator come handy in such a situation?

A calculator or technical calculator is an essential tool to have in hand, whether you are a student, business owner, engineer, scientist, or just an ordinary person who works on your taxes. A decent calculator reduces your mistakes and makes your work smooth. 

You might be looking for a dominant graphing calculator, on the other hand, that can perform multiple functions. Whatever your desires are, in this article you will be provided with a detailed review of the best Office calculators of2020.

How to select a calculator?

The right calculator can assist you in getting the correct answers and accelerating your journey to that point. On the other hand, a wrong calculator can make you suffer, not perform the right functions, or might even disqualify you from a competition.

Besides, to do our thorough product testing, when writing our extensive product reviews, we also consider three psychological factors, namely its brand, price, and user reviews as well. Let us discuss these herein


Legend manufacturers are dominating the marketplace in all groups as well as smaller-known options worth shouting out. We seek to provide a broad cross-section of offerings from a variety of brands that are all dedicated to quality.


We understand that price can sometimes be a sticking point and thus is a crucial consideration in any new purchase, so we often put a variety of attractive price points together to cater to all budgets.


User reviews are valuable because they provide a general description of the product you would expect to get when you take a product along and use it yourself. Along with our research, suggestions, and thorough testing, we are scouring the internet for the nice, the poor, and the nasty, so we can put together a more balanced view of how well a product is capable of performing.

Various sorts of calculators are available in the market. When it comes to advanced features, the approach to solving equations and plot diagrams, as well as the production of a spectrum of tools that are acceptable both in the school/university system, Texas instruments are hard to beat. They monopolize the global market of the graphing calculator and have been creating developing models for graphing since 2004.

As per the NDP community, 93% of all the graph calculators sold in the United States last year were Texas Instruments calculators with Casio comprising rest 7%.

Selecting a particular university calculator, the best choice would be for an engineering, scientific, or graphing calculator that allows you to undertake a broader range of further complex tasks.

On the specific syllabus you are pursuing, you may necessarily require a graphing calculator because, according to the National Education Progress Assessment (NAEP), pupils who have exposure to an overall graphing calculator perform better in their test results. In particular, Texas Instruments designs outstanding graphing instruments which are SAT-friendly and ACT-friendly so that they can be used effectively in an examination environment.

Let us have a look at five best calculators for 2020 herein.

  1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator
  2. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
  3. Casio Inc. HR-100TM mini desktop printing Calculator
  4. Helect Calculator, Standard Function Desktop Calculator
  5. Sharp EL-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator




best Calculators 2020
1. BA II Plus Financial Calculator
best projector for office
best Calculators
2. TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
best Calculators
3. HR-100TM mini printing Calculator
best Calculators 2020
4. Standard Function Desktop Calculator
5. Sharp EL-1197PIII Printing Calculator

Top 5 Best Calculator for Office 2020

best Calculators 2020

Functioning of basic math: A useful calculator’s premise is to allow you to make your calculations quickly and accurately.

Instruments BA II Plus is capable of performing basic mathematics, including trigonometry, genetic algorithms, and control.

Also has ten memory slots to store the Custom Formulas. This function is particularly useful for complex CFA formulas such as accounting, statistics, economics, and finance.

Complex functions in mathematics: The GTexas Instruments BA II Plus Finacial Calculator is capable of handling complicated math as quickly as basic math.

Other, figure out, amortization schedules, time-value-of-money projections, cash flow analysis of IRR and NPV calculations, and annuity calculations.

Addition, you can find a step-by-step instruction about how to use this calculator to perform complex financial calculations when you use the Schweser CFA study notes.

Multifunctional features: All chain and algebraic modes are available in the TI BA II Plus.

Can calculate the conversion of interest rates and convert between nominal and effective interest rates.

Addition, depreciation is measured using four methodologies, namely SL (straight line), SYD (sum of years ‘ digits), DB (decreasing balance), and DB with SL cross-over.

Calculate four regressions of statistics, like logarithmic, linear, standard (power) and exponential.

Additional features: Texas Instruments BA II Plus does an excellent analysis of breakeven. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the calculations of the breakeven date for the TI BA II Plus are up to 2049.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus includes a prompted view of the label and value of the current variable along with a vital feature of the second digit.

Addition, an audio feature comes with the easy-press keyboard. So, no more double-takes to test if the value has been taken every time you enter.

It is also equipped with a single lithium ICR2032 battery with automatic shut-off. This battery can last for up to 3 years, even with prolonged usage. However, when taking exams, it is essential to still have a spare at hand.

TI BA II Plus is very robust with the solid construction and a 10-digit LCD. Many participants throughout the school and well into their careers had the same TI BA II Plus.

Ultimately, the TI BA II Plus weighs 3.84 ounces. This characteristic makes it possible to get anywhere with you.

Easy to learn 93%
Easy to use 95%
Value for money 95%
user friendly 95%

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best Calculators

Making graphs require intense calculations. If you are searching for a calculator to make the perfect graphs, then this is the perfect catch for you.

Design: The Plus CE uses a rechargeable battery that has made the calculator slimmer for the maker. This model has also been thoroughly revamped and is 30% thinner and lighter than it’s predecessors.

That’s the most significant change you’ll note. The design looks like that of a smartphone, weighing just 7 oz. (200 gm).

The position of the controls is identical to their older version, whereas the controls are smaller and have a (not rounded) rectangular shape giving the calculator a modern look.

There seem to be 46 keys, and almost all have three (standard, blue, and green) functions.

There is no indication of “equals” that is somewhat confusing. If you like to add 2 + 2, instead of “equals”, you press “enter.” The calculator is coated with plastic and can be easily thrown into a bag or backpack.

This hardware is available in white, red, green, purple, light blue, dark blue and grey colours. It’s a lot of them. The business is possibly betting on selling colour.

Battery: All of the TI-84’s previous models had connected wire cells. The Plus CE features another form of contacts used in mobile phones, a removable lithium-ion battery. 

All you need is a mini USB cable (included) to plug it in. Every convenient USB port will do the same as a charger of a car or a device. The hardware will run for a month on a full charge with regular use.

It does have a feature of “deep sleep.” Because of this mode, if it is not in prolonged use, the calculator goes to sleep mode.

Display: The calculator has a 360 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall backlit display. It is nearly HD quality, and it is doing a good job. The display can fit up to 26 characters on the screen and down to 10 lines.

The colour display impacts the device’s processing speed, and so this might seem like a downside, but other benefits outweigh it. Most users think a colour display is pointless for a calculator, but it’s incredibly lovely when you see multiple images on a graph.

The high-resolution monitor is ideal for menu graphics, where at the same time a lot of information is shown.

The calculator is capable of storing and displaying images. It is also possible to set any image as the backdrop to the graph.

Processor speed: Between all the TI- 84 calculators, the Plus CE variant has the speediest processor. It may seem distinct in some instances, though. It relies on the calculator having a multi-pixel colour screen.

If you do a task involving internal processing, and the system can process the data very quickly. It lasts a few seconds, of course, but during exams, each second matters.

Accessible Applications and Functions: The Plus CE has a couple of standard applications such as tables, graphing, matrices, and lists. You will discover a lot of other useful features that you might not intend to see if you click the “apps” key.

The apps included are CabriJr (geometry), Finance (basic), Prob Sim, Periodic (table), Conics, PlySmlt2, Transform (dynamic graphing), Inequalz, and others. 

Another feature noticeable is that this calculator has MathPrint. Hardware can print expressions that appear as written in or by hand in math textbooks (express calculations using templates).

This device can also refine fractions (if they do not have complex operations), but radicals can not be simplified.

Graphing: The calculator does have an upgraded function system that is useful for Calculus students. While you’re graphing, select “piecewise” from the “math” menu and then choose the number of pieces in the function. 

You’ll see a template for filling in a piecewise function. Each graph you draw has a different colour that makes reading easier. You can scroll in through your diagram when you have plotted one, or determine an intersect, etc.

A table feature will assist you to step to a specific “x” value or scroll over it.

Programming: One of Plus CE’s most significant features is its programming capability. You can use programs from the device directly or build your own. You can have them at every point from the main screen.

This calculator’s programming is more straightforward than its previous versions and needs less learning.

Usage: Before purchasing it for a university student, the ability to use a graphing calculator on college exams is an essential factor to consider.

It is okay to use the Plus CE on all major comprehensive college exams. It is permitted on SAT, ACT, PreACT, PSAT, Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, AP Physics, AP Math, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics and other similar tests.

Easy to learn 95%
User interface 95%
Screen quality 100%
Battery life 95%

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best Calculators

The brand Casio itself speaks about its greatness. The HR-100TM version of the Casio calculators is one of the best calculators in the market to carry out calculations with great ease.

Usage: This mini calculator for desktop printing is designed to make sure satisfactory output. Users claim they use this calculator without much concerns for both home and office use.

The calculator has large plastic buttons that minimize the possibility of making a mistake. On the other side, the COST/SELL/MARGIN buttons, tax keys, object list, and 4-key memory can make the calculations simpler than ever.

Besides, you can use the MARKUP / MARKDOWN buttons to ensure that calculations are error-free.

Display: Even though it’s a mini calculator, you’re going to get a big 12-digit LCD. The device is designed to print two lines every second, and the calculations can be written in two shades, red and black.

The paper has an ideal width for secure storage into your accounting records at 2-and-a-quarter inches.

The screen it features is about 33 per cent bigger than most other similar calculators within its scope for a mini printing calculator. Regular users can only realise the significance of having a more prominent display.

The display does not have backlit, so there must be some late-night accounting with a desk lamp, and there’s no shut-off feature as well. There may be a problem if you run on battery power.

Battery: It comes with an AC adapter which is the most helpful feature and enables you to use it. One can also use 4 AA batteries. Furthermore, the company proposes the most exceptional performance with Polaroid AA batteries.

home office use 100%
Portability 95%
Easy to use 100%
light weight 95%

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best Calculators 2020

If you are looking forward to buy a calculator to carry out easy, daily life calculations with great ease and as fast as possible, then this can be your perfect choice.

Usage: You might not be able to calculate complicated accounting problems, but the model is suitable for everyday mathematics. It will be useful as it on the ground in the workplace.

It has a feature of memory which allows saving steps. It saves your time while conducting a series of issues since you may quickly click in the saved step and move ahead without keying in that particular step.

It comes with a profit margin plus tax and currency conversion key. It helps you to carry out critical business math to run your business daily.

Design: The design is very modern. A wide-angled display comes with this calculator. The screen comes with 12 digits, and it makes perfect for long calculators or when you would need decimal figures without diminishing off to fourth place and so on.

It allows intuitive keyboard interaction as it uses a click of hard keys to let you know when you’re making a specific input. It minimizes mistakes because when you tap a number, there’ll be a clear indication. The unit has a slim design. Since it weighs just 5 ounces, it looks premium in the palm.

It will stay at any workplace elegantly because of the rubberized feet; it is always stable on any surface.

Dual Power Supply: Helect provides you with either solar energy or battery backup dual power supply. That does not mean you have to sit under the sun to charge the calculator as it can get charged with the little rays of the energy comes in the workplace in the morning or evening through the windows.

Helect adds a product which is required, but it is thoughtfully designed to provide you with comfort when reading results and values.

Easy to read 95%
Value for money 95%
Easy to use 96%
Ergonomic 95%

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Standard and financial calculations are a bit of a headache. With in built memory, you will never mess up any step of your calculation with this calculator.

Usage: You need a stiff-duty calculator such as the Sharp EL-1197PIII if your workplace is something you would define as more than busy. The system conducts standard calculations as well as detailed financial analysis to support your research.

It’s one of those you’re going to be happy to have invested in because of the simple keys that ensure you’re not going to miss even a single entry.

It has prints of date and time on each tape. You will be able to determine what transactions have taken place to make bank deposits much more straightforward and to make invoices.

Speed: Beating a calculator speed that prints 4.5 lines per second is challenging. It is yet another two colours printer that allows you to identify between positive and negative figures via black and red colours.

Display: It comes with a fluorescent screen. Like Canon, it also displays up to 12 number on the monitor.

It’s hard to miss the 14 mm numbers, so you’ll never misread. The blue screen can be viewed the day as well as night. When you want to work extra hours, you can stay up late, and this will never cause you problems.

Workplace safe from germs: When most people use the same calculator, bacteria can spread quickly. You will notice that by sharing a tool like a calculator if one has influenza, others will catch up quickly.

But not if you use the EL-1197PIII from Sharp. It has antimicrobial protection built-in with Microban. This feature stops bacteria from spreading while in a real busy office the calculator is being passed around.

Convenient function: Sharp buttons can save time for you. It comes with modifier keys such as double zero, big total, and backspace. It makes it possible to complete calculations in the least amount of time.

It has the four-key memory, which helps users to remember numbers easily. When you are scatterbrained, the memory function is beneficial, thus minimizing input errors for your company.

The Sharp EL-1197PIII is a trusted brand which helps a lot for accurate bookkeeping records to get printed. It is a tool useful in stressful offices where the business is driven by productivity and efficiency.

It provides with applications to reduce the amount of time spent on measurement expenditures, costs, income, etc., saving the company time that might otherwise be spent more on productive jobs.

Easy to read 95%
Value for money 95%
Easy to use 96%
works great 100%

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Calculators are required in almost every walk of life. Be it for daily work or to carry out some scientific measurements, a calculator is the most important instrument which a person can own. We have that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding which calculator you should purchase.

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