best projector for office

The Best Projector for Office Presentations 2020

Have we observed a trend to show many videos or slides in offices or schools? These shows are not for entertainment. The displays help the students get a definite idea about the projects on which they are to work. Also, these shows and videos help office goers have a clearer idea about their upcoming projects. Let’s see best projector for office

So, at first, let us understand what projectors are. A projector is a device that has a system of lenses to project slides or a film to a screen.

Now, let’s imagine that several country leaders are sitting in an office board room, waiting for a presentation to start. All of a certain, the projector starts blinking when it is switched on. Otherwise, it doesn’t load the images properly. As a result, these key figures end up wasting valuable time.

 So, it is time to understand that not all projectors serve the same purpose. However, the projectors do not come cheap. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean the more expensive a projector is, the better it’ll work. 

Now, we should have a clear idea of the points which we keep in mind while buying a projector. Let’s have a look at the points now.




best projector for office
best projector for office
1. Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens
  • The picture is clear and bright 
  • This brand warranty of 90 days
  • The design is lightweight
  • product weighs only 5.3 pounds
best projectors for office
2. Optoma HD143X Affordable 
  • Affordable price range
  • It is easy to install
  • It weighs as light as 5.5 pounds
  • The picture quality is fantastic
best projectors for office
3. BenQ HT2050A 1080P
  • This project projects a 100" picture even from a distance of 8.2 feet.
  • The standard color coverage of Rec 709 ensures crisp and grains free visuals
best projectors for office
4. ViewSonic 3600 Lumens
  • The input latency of 16m
  • There is a warranty of 3 years
  • It is as light as 7.14 pounds
  • Amazing Color Accuracy
best projectors for office
5. Optoma GT1080Darbee 
  • It has energy-saving features
  • It has a throw ratio of 0.49
  • The warranty is available
  • Weight 5.5 pounds

Things We Keep in Mind While Buying a Projector

Buying a projector is certainly a daunting task. In this article, we have pointed out some of the vital factors that must be considered before choosing a projector. These points will help us to narrow down our choices. 

  • Indoor or Outdoor:

To begin with, if you need an outdoor projector, it has to be of superior quality. It has to be extremely bright because the users will have no control over the ambient light. It should have a higher resolution and contrast ratio so that the viewers get a better quality picture. 

Apart from that, the screen should be good, and the sound system should be decent. In contrast, an indoor projector is noisier as compared to an outdoor projector. If you are buying a projector to be used in a small room, the noise will certainly be distracting. 

  • Entertainment/Business:

You can use a projector for many reasons. Depending upon the purpose it will serve, you must choose a projector. If you are going to use the projector for your home, then buy a projector which will be capable to handle full-motion videos well. However, business projectors have a different requirement. Businessmen use them to show power point presentations or charts in front of their colleagues. 

  • Cost:

The price of a projector depends upon its type. You should be ready to dish out a minimum of $800 for a home theatre projector. On the other hand, an excellent quality portable business projector may cost as little as $300. Choose one that satisfies your needs and falls within your budget.

  • Right Technology:

Many projectors are either of DLP or LCD type. DLP projectors (Digital Light Processing) processors have more moving parts comparatively. Also, they suffer from the rainbow effect, as they use a spinning wheel technology.

LCD projectors offer better picture quality than DLP projectors. However, the former is also more massive than the latter. However, the best of all is the LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology. The projectors which have incorporated LCOS provide better images. 

  • Connectivity:

The projectors which are for gaming or movies need an HDMI port. On the other hand, business projectors need a USB Port which can handle a flash drive. If an office has a fixed projector, it should have an Ethernet port. An Ethernet port will allow you to use the projector online. The Ethernet port is also more reliable than Wifi. 

  • Technical Aspects:

If you are buying a projector for business, you may choose one with relatively low resolution. For example, it may be as low as 800*600 pixels. However, if you are planning to show an entire movie through the projector, it should have much higher pixels.

Upon using a business projector in a dark room, the brightness may be of 1,000 lumens or less. A movie projector needs more intensity. 

If you are looking forward to buy a portable projector, you must choose one with a look-out screen on a tripod, which you can set up anywhere. When you have a fixed projector, you will be needed to buy a new filter.

The aspect ratio is the shape of the video image that gets projected. Also, to change the size and position of the content, we have to select a projector that has the correct zoom range and lens shift carefully. 

Last but not least, it is difficult to find a projector with good quality speakers. Hence look for the specifications of the speakers before investing in the deal.

Now, after hours of intense research and reviewing the projectors, we have formulated a list of the top 7 projectors.

Top 7 Best Projector for Office 2020

best projector for office

This lightweight projector is compatible with the latest laptops and media players. It is the perfect choice for clear presentations. 

Now, let’s have a look at its features-


  • Brightness: The picture is clear and bright even in brightly lit rooms 
  • Warranty:This brand offers a warranty of 90 days on this product
  • Weight: This lightweight product weighs only 5.3 pounds
  • Installation: It is easy to set up
  • Resolution: The SVGA resolution of 800*600 is perfect for everyday projection
  • Design: The design is lightweight
  • Projection Modes: It has several projection modes. Also, it can be mounted upside down in the ceiling. However, we cannot mount this product with a standard tripod.
Material quality 99%
Brightness 95%
Value for money 95%
Picture quality 95%
Sound quality 90%

Things We Like

  • The color is vivid even in the well-lit rooms
  • It is compatible with the latest laptops (including Apple) and other devices

Things We Didn't Like

  • The image quality is low when it displays texts. The texts become grainy.
  • It has built-in speakers. However, the customer needs to connect an HDMI extractor to get audio through external speakers
best projectors for office

This projector makes the customer feel like he is watching a movie at home.

Now, let us know more about its features:


  • Installation: It is easy to install
  • Warranty: Its warranty is available on the company website.
  • Weight: It weighs as light as 5.5 pounds
  • Picture Quality: The picture quality is fantastic even in ambient light
Brightness 95%
Picture quality 95%
Remote Control 95%
Sound quality 90%

Things We Like

  • Affordable price range
  • Stunning picture quality. The images are clear and detailed.
  • Lamp life continues for an extended period.
  • Video quality is commendable. The customer can stream a video through the latest HDMI devices. The device connects easily to the latest HDMI devices

Things We Didn't Like

  • The fan noise is loud enough to sound jarring
  • Customers face rainbow artifacts while they watch movie clips
best projectors for office

This gadget is more suitable for customers who play video games and watch movies.

Now, it is time to know about its features:


This gadget has advanced features like:

  • Technology: It uses DLP technology. As a result, this projector provides slim images and a crisp display. Apart from it, we get CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 from this projector for an excellent AV experience.
  • Warranty: BenQ offers a warranty of either three years from the date of purchase or of 2920 hours from the date of purchase.
  • Coverage: It offers coverage of up to 100 feet without any lag.
  • Setup: This BenQ projector offers a one time set up. 
Brightness 95%
For gaming 100%
Picture quality 95%
Remote Control 95%
Sound quality 90%

Things We Like

  • This project projects a 100" picture even from a distance of 8.2 feet.
  • The standard color coverage of Rec 709 ensures crisp and grains free visuals
  • The input lag is as low as 16ms to ensure a smooth gaming experience
  • Easy to set up.

Things We Didn't Like

  • A few, mild dust spots appear after a year
  • No texture wall.

This premium colored projector is one of the best in the market.

Now, let’s consider its features:

  • Wireless: It may help the customer project from a smartphone or a laptop. The customer doesn’t need to plug the device into a project. As a result, he can move about freely.
  • Warranty– The warranty is of 2 years on the product and 90 days on the lamp. 
  • Installation: This device is easy to install.
  • Resolution: It has a full HD resolution of 1080p
  • Weight: This feather-light product weighs 6.2 pounds.-
Brightness 95%
Value for money 100%
Picture quality 95%
Sound quality 90%

Things We Like

  • It offers screen mirroring with Miracast
  • It provides 3,600 lumens of color or white brightness. As a result, it offers bold, vivid, and colorful images, even in brightly lit rooms.
  • It helps the customer share HD videos directly from his wireless device.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Customers have often complained about negative customer support after a few months.
  • Usually stops working after a certain period of time

This versatile projector is a must-have for both schools and offices.

Now, let’s move on to the features:


  • Technology: A technique we call Supercolor Technology offers us a galore of stunningly beautiful images. 
  • Lamp Life: SuperEco mode helps to extend the lamp life by 15,000 hours. Vertical Keystroke correction provides well-proportioned pictures. 
  • Display: Furthermore, it may display 3D images from 3D Blu-Ray players. It can connect to any HDMI enabled device.
  • Warranty: There is a warranty of 3 years on this product. 
  • Weight: It is as light as 7.14 pounds. It is excellent for travel. 
  • Installation: It is easy to install.
Brightness 95%
Remote Control 95%
Picture quality 95%
Material quality 95%
Sound quality 85%

Things We Like

  • It has a high contrast ratio and 3,600 lumens. As a result, it provides bright, accurate and colorful pictures
  • The input latency of 16m.
  • It provides quality customer support

Things We Didn't Like

  • Occasionally, the bulb flickers
  • Sometimes, the lense leaves a few blurred shadows.
best projectors for office

This superb projector is more suitable for gaming.  It offers value for money.


  • Placement: It has a throw ratio of 0.49. As a result, the customer can even place it on a coffee table. It is suitable for customers who have a low space.
  • Warranty: The warranty is available on the website of Optoma.
  • Technology: It supports all HDMI, 3d formats. Also, it provides a realistic experience with video games.
  • The sRGB display profile offers perfect color accuracy.
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Installation: Easy to install
Brightness 95%
For gaming 95%
Picture quality 95%
Portability 95%
Sound quality 90%

Things We Like

  • The operations are quiet. There is no fan noise
  • The lamp life is as long as 8000 hours
  • It has energy-saving features
  • Offers detailed and realistic images

Things We Didn't Like

  • The lamp may fail just after the warranty period is over

This lightweight and portable product is high on the customer list.

It has a variety of features.


  • Design: It has a sleek design.
  • Warranty: The customer needs to contact the seller directly for any information about the warranty. 
  • Weight: The portable product weighs 1.1 pounds. 
Brightness 95%
For gaming 95%
Picture quality 90%
Portability 95%
Sound quality 85%

Things We Like

  • High resolutions
  • It can connect to other portable devices, like smartphones and laptops.
  • User-friendly

Things We Didn't Like

  • The fan makes too a loud noise
  • It is a bit overpriced for the features it offers

Now, we feel that customers should know some necessary information about projectors in general. So, we have compiled a few basic FAQs about this device. 

1) What are the benefits of a projector?

A projector offers a variety of benefits. These benefits include:

a) Flexible installation

b) Easier to carry

c) Enhanced image size for clarity 

2) What is the contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is a term that explains how the most white is different from the darkest black images in the projector.

3) What is HDMI?

The full form of HDMI is the High Definition Multimedia Interface. It offers the best quality connection

4) Why do we need USB for projectors?

A USB allows the customer to click the next slide of the wireless projection remote. This way, the customer can control the presentation in the office.

5) How can we make the lamp of a projector last longer?

Usually, the lamp of a quality projector lasts for several years. Generally, the warranty covers a projector lamp. However, we can follow the steps mentioned below to make it last longer even after the warranty period:

  • They should belong to a particular brand. Many fake brands offer several features. They claim to be cheaper. However, inferior quality products go into its making. As a result, they may explode. The explosion will incur long term expenditure.
  • We should not operate it continuously. It needs a break.
  • The customer should keep the heat of the projector in check. There should be a steady flow of air around the projector, especially if it is permanently mounted. If the projector gets overheated, it puts pressure on the lamp. As a result, it may explode. 
  • Someone should clean the air filter surrounding it every three months.
  • Every projector has a cooling fan to prevent the lamp from getting too hot. The customer should allow the cooling fan to run through its duration before shutting down the projector. Otherwise, the projector might crack. 

6 ) My projector doesn't work correctly sometimes. Should I call a mechanic?

It is better to know a few necessary troubleshooting steps. These steps will also help the mechanic narrow down the problem. Do we work without a break? So, The customer should switch a projector off once every 24 hours. The regular shut down ensures the project gets some rest. Otherwise, a projector may get overworked. An overworked projector may have a shorter life-span.

7) What can be harmful to my projector?

The following can be harmful to a projector:

  • Excessive moisture
  • b) Heat
  • c) Dust 
  • d) Smoke

8) May I repair a defunct projector after the warranty period is over?

It is better not to try repairing a defunct projector. We may need to replace a part of the projector. However, the branded projector must have all branded parts. The branded parts are only available in authorized service centers. If we try to replace it with a cheap ordinary part, it may ultimately incur long term expenses. A counterfeit part may explode very soon. The explosion may damage other parts of the projector. As a result, we may have to dish out a higher amount to get it repaired. 


The projectors expand the images on a computer screen. As a result, the room full of people finds it more comfortable to view the photos. Thus, the board directors or prospective clients get a clearer picture. The projectors have taken the world of business by storm.

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